Lets begin now

  • A Call for Change

    I want to talk about Anarchy, and have for years now; I have written and read extensively on the subject of this alternative society. Anarchy has r...
  • Anarchy Today

    The growing awareness of the self aware, intentional, community, as seen in the Wellness Cafe. Read on to see where the Wellness Cafe is growing. It is still an infant, but with this sustained and continued attention, focus and nurturing, it is growing.
  • Strenghten Your Intuition

    What alternative education can we give our children from the public government issued schools system?
  • Mind Map

    This new mind map shows the different phases of mental/emotional development in human consciousness. It describes each facet of the mind, giving a full and complete image of the various parts of both human thought and feeling.
  • Conclusions from the Purpose workshop 2020

    So afterwards, as I was thinking about what I presented, what the people there asked and experienced in regards to their purpose, I came up with th...
  • Lead without a Title

    This is a book review of one of Robin Sharma books, and article about leadership, society and ego.
  • Describing my email Signature

    Many have asked me what my email signature means. Here is that explanation.
  • Another Look at Money

    I have been called cheap, tight with my money, and destitute, but I don't feel like any of those things though. I have also been called generous, a...
  • Intuitive readings at Reflections Books

    Lets talk about the readings we had with the Kismet Stones.
  • What Makes a Good Relationship?

    The trick (if you are looking for one) to creating and having a good long-term, intimate and domestic relationship is to become a good person. This means work on yourself first when you are struggling in your relationship. You are to look at yourself first when you are confused, hurt or in pain, and ask yourself: what is my role and part in this pain or suffering? What can I learn about life, myself, an institution, my career or reflect to my partner in this challenging situation I have found myself in with this person, my lover.