Strenghten Your Intuition

Hello People I Care about
Welcome to September. People are getting ready to go back to school. This year because of this series of realities, across centuries, converging upon this point, is creating trepidation in the thought of both going to work and school. I am in that group, and I wonder how you are feeling. Please come and explore that question with me this Saturday in my workshop for building intuition. That would possibly be indirect, but if the right people are here, I would be in favour of practising divination of the next steps in the cities with public education being offered by governments. I have a strong desire, in fact, to create an alternative social setting in education for our kids. If you are interested in this, please do come to my next intuition workshop. I feel that it is going to be amazing. Share this with people who also agree. Together we can remain free people.
love and peace,

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