Couples Coaching

Individual Counselling

At The Wellness Cafe you are not treated as though there is something to fix with you, rather you seek growth and understanding in the life you have and the challenges you meet, the anxieties you struggle with, and any other formidable psychic foes that are hindering your personal growth. I do not like to use labels, using them only to simplify huge and almost infinite individual perceptions. I also will create a comfortable environment of equality and security, so much so, that I am happy to come to your place, to a favorite sacred space of yours or if you feel more comfortable in an office setting –or any kind of setting– we will create that for you. This less formal approach to counselling is becoming more common and sought after in a therapist today.

Benefits of True Talk Community counselling

  • Grow self Confidence
  • Manifest better relationships
  • Access alternative perspective
  • Find support in difficult Life experiences
  • Learn better communications skills
  • Overcome Anxieties, Fears and Bad Habits
  • Develop better self Awareness
  • Face and Let go past Traumas