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New Weekly Men's Support Group

I have teamed up with Canadian Centre for Men and Families, a non-profit organization that supports men in crisis for any number of reason. They are starting a Vancouver branch, and initiating with a men's support group. Justin Trottier called me recently to see if I was still running the non-profit organization I started a couple of years ago that was also for men in crisis. He asked me if I could help them by facilitating a men's group supporting men in crisis, and I eagerly agreed. Over the next few weeks we met via Zoom with the men and women in the organization to discuss how this would look. This is what we came up with. I am excited to present a new support group for men in crisis. Follow the link here for more information and to register.

Special Covid-19 Services

I have had to stop all of my workshops for the duration of the quarantine. I will resume as soon as we are permitted.

I am also not holding my group sessions.

I am offering people who need to talk with someone my attention through both phone calls and video chats. For any reason at all, please call me to discuss what you are feeling, thinking and more. I will offer you all of my skills in therapy and compassionate listening for the duration of this quarantine. This service is by donation. No appointment needed, so just reach out to me, I am here for you and your family.

What is Intuition? 

Date: Once a month on the third weekend, see below for Registration

Learning intuitive skills with Kismet Stones

The Kismet Stones are a unique, modern, psychic reading tool. With them you can gain deeper understanding of yourself. You can also assist others in this same desire of having deeper self awareness. With practice you can strengthen and hone your own personal intuitive abilities, your mind and heart.

Kismet stones:
• Are a tool for exercising our mind and developing our psychic abilities
• Allow the user to feel real human feelings without attachment to those feelings
• When used regularly, are a practice for exploring and honing your intuition
• Are great in early counselling sessions for opening people up, even if they are reluctant or don’t know where to start

You are invited to attend this fascinating workshop on psyche, intuition, feelings, and communication of these feelings, featuring the Kismet Stones. Chris will show you how to get in touch with your feelings, read other people’s feelings with amazing affirmations, increase the strength of your psyche, find and develop your own intuition and through self awareness become a better person.

Discover Your Purpose,

Date: Winter of 2020, see below for Registration

We will explore the history of purpose, as well as the nature and make up of purpose. We will identify resistance and blocks to knowing your purpose. You will be given tools, exercises and more to help you identify the different choices and judgments you have in purpose. You will explore your beliefs and practices that shape who you are, shaping your personal purpose. After putting all these ideas, concepts and understandings about yourself together, you will then enter into formal and casual conversations about sharing your personal purpose. 


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