Getting Involved

There are two levels of involvement at the Wellness Cafe. The first is getting help and healing for your mind, feelings and spiritual awareness. If you are feeling anxiety, depression, fear or apathetic, and low energy, then come find healing, personal growth and change here at the Wellness Cafe. At the Wellness Cafe you have found a place and setting to start making positive change in your life. We are a community of people who are working together to better ourselves, our families and work, play and pray.

The other level of involvement is as a practitioner of mental healing, emotional wellness and spiritual awareness. Our community has compassion for people and families. Through active listening in multiple settings (one on one, groups, workshops and classes) we are building a safe space for people to do deep inner work. By being honest, respectful, forgiving and loving with self and others we are building a new community of mental health and emotional healing. If you are a healer, practising or wishing to, then you have found the right place to express your abilities and skills in mental health and healing. Send me a message or call me to learn how you can have a greater impact on the people in your community with the Wellness Cafe. 

Send your interests or questions to: