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Dad and Son

Chris Russell, BA Psych, Community Counselor'

“Self awareness is the most important knowledge you can have.”

Chris has been counselling individuals and couples since 1996 throughout the Lower Mainland. Chris lives by the twin values of compassion and communication and believes that the most valuable education is an ongoing one, and continuously seeks out wisdom from both the world around him and within himself in order to better serve.  As a compassionate and open minded communicator, Chris is dedicated to serving the greater community that he lives in. Chris has a BA in Psych. with honours and also works as an educator with the Burnaby School Board empowering special-needs and at risk youth, reserving judgment and turning obstacles into opportunities. His down to earth approach with people from all walks of life has allowed him to realize that each individual holds the key to their path through emotional honesty, awareness and true talk.


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