How may we be of Service?

Individual Counselling

At the Wellness Cafe you are not treated as though there is something to fix in you. Rather, you seek personal  growth and understanding. In the life you have there are challenges you feel, anxieties you struggle with, and many other formidable psychic foes that are hindering your personal growth. I do not like using labels, but understand their us in simplification huge and infinite individual perceptions. We create a comfortable environment of equality and security. Thus, we do make house calls to your favourite space, whether your home or some other healing, sacred space you love.  This less formal approach to counselling is becoming more common and sought after in a therapist today.

Couples Coaching


Relationships can form in various different ways, making their living confusing. People can find themselves struggling with feelings that hinder and block their capacity for connection. Personal baggage can affect perceptions of relationships; our society creates barriers that make lasting love connections difficult. There are a lot of things preventing you from having a beautiful relationship.At the Wellness Cafe we offer couples emotional awareness on a far deeper level. This will lead to conscious change and growth in your personal intimacy capacity. Open up to the full spectrum of emotions, which are a natural part of any intimate relationship. This awareness and acceptance of all emotions will change your intimate relationships. Society does not encourage the full expression of emotions and feelings, and we have become less confident with and capable in dealing with powerful emotions experienced in intimacy and romance.We specialize in helping couples develop their communication skills. Security is taught and needed for free and open communication, meaning that all parties feel safe being honest with each other. Intimate communication will be explicitly about your feelings and the emotions generated in the connection you have with your partner.

Many people today are seeking more from love and intimacy than just a domestic relationship. Sexuality is being explored with more vigour and less fear of persecution. These new explorations in alternative lifestyles demand a different calibre of counselling. We are compassionate and non-judgmental, people you can share your concerns with, who can give professional and experiential feedback as advice, and who offers understanding via personal experience

Family and Group Therapy

The Wellness Cafe specializes in families with special needs members, and this means both limited and exceptional. Families that have members who are challenging  in any way need help in creating a healthy and nurturing family environment. I have been working with families of Autistic, Downs Syndrome, Developmentally delayed, Delinquent, and Genius members for over two decades. I understand the struggles that your family is going through, and I know how to help.

The Wellness Cafe offers groups sessions for people seeking:

Success, Mental strengthening, more Joy and productivity,


Through personal growth in psychic awareness, emotional development and spiritual insights, we have developed a number of skills and abilities on a mental and emotional level.  These we use as tools for personal health and protection, and offer them to you as means for healing wounds, rehabilitating sore areas of your mental abilities and emotional body.  We offer the community, couples and groups courses for learning and using these powerful and useful psychic and emotional tools.

Psychic Shielding: Learn how and why to develop, strengthen and maintain psychic protection.

Psychic Abilities: Learn about your intuition, feelings and other natural, often dormant psychic abilities. Develop and strengthen them, and learn to distinguish between your own feelings and others.

Personal Success: Learn what your goals are, and how to achieve anything. Discover the secrets to success and personal happiness.

Developing Authenticity: Learn to be real, and in touch with your body, mind and consciousness, then receive the benefits of being authentic.


Intuition Workshop,

Purpose Workshop

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